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All of the films and television productions promoted at the American Film Market can be viewed in detail on this page. For further information, please contact Romell Foster-Owens, President: 323.767.6772


STITCHES, Displaced by Hurricane Katrina, a colorful fashionista shares a room with a girl who wears only beige, until the unhip girl provokes the stylish one to reveal who she is inside the pretty clothes.

Writer/Director: Pamela K. Johnson
Producers: Romell Foster-Owens and Jennifer Jones
Cast: Gabie Rojas, Chelsea Makela, Thomas Mikal Ford, LaShay N. Tomlinson, Kate Danley

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Stitches - The Movie

SEEMS LIKE YESTERDAY, Kaye remembers her youth and falling in love in the backseat of a red convertible Ford Mustang.

Movie: Drama
Written by: Kaye Kittrell
Directed by: Kaye Kittrell
Produced by: Romell Foster-Owens
Director of Photography: Brigman Foster-Owens
Starring: Kaye Kittrell, Whip Hubley, Diandra Newlin, Preston Jones, Gabriel Schwan, Katie Condidorio, Walker Kittrell
Vocals: Nita Whitaker

Semi Finalist the Filmaka, Ford Mustang Filmmakers Contest 2008
Photo: Director/Writer/Actress Kaye Kittrell and Whip Hubley
Photo Credit: Michele K. Short

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Seems Like Yesterday
Jungle Warriors

PINS AND NEEDLES A beautiful young singer takes matters in her own hands when she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her.
Status: All Rights Available
Writer / Director / DP: Brigman Foster - Owens
Producer: Romell Foster - Owens
Talent: Sammy Allen and Scott Ueda
Format: 35MM
Total Runnng Time: 5:00
Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival Short Films Corner 2008

Jungle Warriors Movie
Jungle Warriors

NATIVE NEW YORKER A New York Rapper raised in the streets of Brooklyn finds himself and his Soul Mate while attending film school.

Status: All Rights Available
Director: Lamont Pearley
Producers: Romell Foster - Owens and Denise Pearley
Writers: Lamont Pearley & Denise Pearley
Talent: Lawrence Covington, Susan Simon, Jabari Gray, Traci Tolmarie
Format: HD / Total Runnng Time: 15:55
Awards: Official Selection of the Cannes Short Films Corner 2008, Scion Easy 10 Films 2007, Vine Shorts Festival 2007
Special Note: Feature Length Screenplay Available

Natives Movie

ALOHA THE PAIGE HURD SHOW Old School and New School worlds collide when Paige arrives from Harlem with a "Hip Hop" attitude to live with her infamous, Grandmother "GIGI" a retired Broadway Diva who owns a secluded resort in Hawaii that caters to a very rich and famous clientele.

Star: Paige Hurd
Co-Stars: Chelsea Makela and Thomas Byrd
Created by: Romell Foster-Owens and Susan Sojourna Collier
Executive Producers: Romell Foster-Owens and Susan Sojourna Collier
Producers: Cheryl L. Martin and Paige Hurd
Status: In Development

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Paige Hurd starred in the hit television series EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS for five seasons. Click here to see a clip.

Paige Hurd
Jungle Warriors

RALLYE STAR The first woman to win a National Rally in the US!

Genre: Reality Television Series
Star: Lisa Klassen
Status: Available
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Rallye Star - Lisa Klassen
Jungle Warriors

ALAKAZIA: THE ROBIN HOOD OF FASHION, International Fashion Designer ALAKAZIA steals from the rich and redesigns garments to give to women with a poor fashion sense.

Genre: Reality Television Series
Length: 60 Minute Episodes
Status: Available
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ALAKAZIA - The Robin Hood of Fashion
Jungle Warriors



MOTORSPORTS MANIA MotorSports Mania takes the viewer across the USA to explore drift racing, the hottest cars the hippest new gadgets and Eye Candy (AKA) America's most sexy women!

Genre: Reality / Sports
Executive Producers: Maurice Mc Coy & Tytist Love & Romell Foster-Owens
Status: In Post Production

A GTV Broadcasting & Black Cloud Productions & Jowharah Films Production

MotoSport Mania

CLUB BOMBAY Takes us behind the scene and into the lives
of the owners and staff of the hottest club in Los Angeles where big ballers & shot callers from show biz, the music industry & sports hang out.

Genre: Reality / Entertainment
Executive Producers: Romell Foster-Owens
Writers: Ilunga Adel & Jerome Benton

Club Bombay

THE JUNGLE WARRIORS, is a true story of the courage and brotherhood of American soldiers. Follow Bobby Briscoe, a U.S. Army sharpshooter, through the humid forests of Vietnam and into the searing heat of battle. You too, will come to know why this highly revered brigade of African American soldiers was named…the Jungle Warriors!

Book: Action/Drama
Author: Bobby Briscoe, Sgt. US Army Retired
Book Website | Bobby Briscoe's Bio
Screenplay Adaption by: Brandon Maurice Williams and Romell Foster-Owens
Suggested Castng: Chris Tucker, Nick Cannon, 50 Cent, Samuel L Jackson, Barry Pepper and The Rock.
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Jungle Warriors Movie

COLORED WAITING ROOM is a political thriller set in 1985 during the Ronald Reagan presidential era that reshaped American politics. When Alberta Graham, a black woman in her 30's is assigned to the Tennessee Valley Authority's Cherokee Nuclear Plant as the first female, Lieutenant Security Officer all hell breaks loose!

Book: Thriller
Author: Patricia Pope
Screenplay Adaption by: Janet S. Batchler (Batman Forever)
Suggested Casting: Halle Berry, Jada Pinket-Smith, LL Cool J, Jon Voight

BlogTalk Radio. Jowharah Films - COLORED WAITING ROOM - Radio Interview with Patricia Pope and Romell Foster-Owens. Click here to listen.

Colored Waiting Room

FOREVER YOURS, When a bumbling, twice-divorced relationships counselor goes in a disastrous search to replace a lost love, he meets the girl of his dreams, a bubble-headed sexpot. Only her two doting, thuggish brothers stand in the way of his happiness. Well, that and the fact that she's way out of his league...

Screenplay: Romantic Comedy.
Screenplay Written by: Melvin M. Moore
Suggested Casting: Tommy Ford, LL Cool J, Loretta Devine, James Avery, and Anthony Anderson, Wendy Raquel Robins, and Dorien Wilson.

Forever Yours Movie

THE ONE MILLIONTH MAN Only in American can a Black man go from driving a taxi cab to robbing a bank and become President of The United States... or can he?

Screenplay: Drama
Author: Stephen Burrell
Screenplay Adaptation: Stephen Burrell
Suggested Talent: Will Smith, Jeffrey Wright, Halle Berry, Thandie Newton

The Millionth Man Movie

STREET WISE, a biracial teenage boy struggles to find his identity and learns to appreciate his dual African-American and Hispanic heritage’s when given a glimpse outside the white picket fence.

Screenplay: Family/Drama
Written by: Natasha Foster-Owens
Suggested Casting: Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube

Street Wise Movie

NATIVES, When three daughters, a teacher of ethnic dance, a food writer, and a stockbroker, return unexpectedly for the summer, interfering with their divorced mother’s romantic plans, all bets are off, proving there’s no such thing as a normal family, and love conquers all.

Screenplay: Comedy
Written By: Janet Neipris
Suggested Casting: Gwynetha Paltrow, Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman, LL Cool J


THE BOYS ON THE CORNER, is a music driven drama about five teenage boys from Chicago during the 1950’s, who want nothing more out of life than to stand on their favorite street corner and “Do-Wop” all night long. The brutal murder of one of the boys and the Korean War forces them to face racism in America, the thugs in their neighborhood and their own rites of passage into manhood.

Screenplay: Action/Drama
Written by: Nathaniel Reed and Melvin M. Moore
Suggested Casting: Nick Cannon, 50 Cent, Jennifer Nicole Freeman

Boys On the Corner
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