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Author: The Jungle Warriors

Bobby Briscoe was born outside of a small town called Bettie, Texas in a place they called the Bottom or Swamp Area. At the age of nine years his Father died and left his Mom whom everyone called Miss Teddy, with six Boys and one girl.
Everyone in the Neighborhood called Bobby and his brothers Miss Teddy’s Boys. Miss Teddy ruled with lots of love and an iron Fist. After Bobby’s father died all the children had to work to support the family. The only job a nine year old could get back then was working in the cotton fields. The crops had to be harvested in September, which meant Miss Teddy’s Boys could no longer begin school in September with the other kids. Each year Bobby found himself starting school two months later after all the cotton had been picked.
One thing picking cotton taught Bobby was that he did not want to pick cotton! Knowing that getting an education was important, Bobby would have a friend teach him what he had learned at school each day. In doing so not only did Briscoe keep up with his schoolwork, Bobby made the Honor Roll each year.
At the age of seventeen, Bobby joined the Army and was stationed in Erlangen Germany assigned to B Co. 50th Int. In 1967 at the age of twenty-three Briscoe was deployed from Hawaii to Vietnam as a 1st Sgt Squad leader. While in Vietnam Briscoe’s job was to participate in Air Assault Missions, Patrols, Search and Destroy Missions, many ambushes, special assignments, such as Capture some prisoners and bring them back alive, and on occasion there were assignments when he could not take prisoners.
Briscoe’s Tour in Vietnam lasted one year. During his time in Vietnam Briscoe was awarded a Purple Heart, a Silver Star and a Bronze Star with Valor.  Much of Bobby’s time was spent fighting in the jungles of Vietnam which included fighting in the most famous battle of them all, the Tet Offense.
After completing his tour duty in Vietnam Briscoe decided to remain in the Army. Briscoe was stationed all around the world including Germany, Japan and California. In 1981 Briscoe retired with an Honorable Discharge as a Sgt. First Class with more than twenty years of service in the US Army.
Settling in his home state of Texas, Briscoe decided it was high time he kept a promise he made to his men while fighting in Vietnam… write a book about their experiences. The many months of writing resulted in the completion and the publishing of “The Jungle Warriors” a true story about Briscoe and the brave young men who served with him during the Vietnam War.
Today Briscoe spends the majority of his time as a motivational speaker at detention centers for troubled boys, gang members and the Mike Barber Prison Ministry in Texas. In addition Briscoe is the Commander of the Combat Infantryman Association Austin, Texas, Southern Branch a Non Profit Organization with branches all over America.
A primary function of the Combat Infantryman Association is to provide a welcoming committee for the soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and to visit the wounded soldiers in Fort Hood, Texas and Fort Sam, Houston, Texas.
Briscoe is also working with V.A. and Family Support Groups E.S.G. throughout Texas to provide support to the spouses and children of the soldiers serving our Country in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Briscoe is a lifetime member of Chapter 1919 Purple Heart association Austin Texas.  He volunteers to work with the Vietnam Vets in assisting them in getting much needed medical help. Briscoe’s greatest joy is speaking with young men and women and encouraging them to get an education and become productive citizens.
The Book “The Jungle Warriors” written by Briscoe as a tribute to the men who served in Vietnam with him has been optioned by Jowharah Films located in Hollywood, California and is soon to be a major motion picture. The film will be shot on location in Hawaii in 2009.

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